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Naeeman is a service that allows you to book an appointment with the best barbers around you.You can download our application available on Android and iPhone via the links below.

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Why do people choose Naeeman ?

People choose naeeman app because it is the first of its kind and the easiest application for the user

Ease of use

Naeeman application is easy to use to suit all age groups

Right price

Among the advantages of the Naima application is free reservation and a lot of free features

Excellent service

We have an integrated team that works around the clock

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Naeeman application features

Naeeman app is characterized by a lot of features, the most important of which is :

  • Smoother application

  • Available in several languages

  • Available in many regions

  • Available on Android and Apple Store

  • It has strong offers

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Our goal is to satisfy you

Naeeman app helps you book an appointment with your favorite barber without getting crowded

Your safety is important to us

It is important to us that you are not exposed to crowds under these circumstances to preserve your health and the health of those around you

A team ready for your comfort

Naima team is distinguished by that we are working around the clock to provide you with the best service

Naeeman application interfaces

Here we show you the interfaces of the Naima application, which is available on Google Play and Apple Store

Download the Naeem app

Download the Nuaa app via Google Play or the Apple Store via the existing links and enjoy a new and distinctive service


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We always strive to provide the best for you, so if you want to help us provide you with a better service, please contact us

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